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Why donate to the Skin Health Institute?

The work we do makes a difference to patient lives every single day. But as a registered charity, we can only continue our work with your support.

Recent donations have helped us to continue to offer our vital services during the pandemic and periods of lockdown.

We cannot predict future crises, but we can ensure that no matter what, the Institute is here to treat and care for patients, to deliver a highly specialised education program for future dermatologists, and to research and develop the skin treatments of tomorrow.

With the generosity of donors and major givers like you, we can make the Institute sustainable into the future. Please consider giving to ensure our doctors and nurses can continue doing what they do best: caring for our patients.

No matter the size or scale of your gift, your support will make a major difference to the impact we can make on skin health and the support we can offer vulnerable communities and to future generations.  

All donations of $2 or more are tax deductible in Australia. We will email you a tax deductible receipt immediately after your donation is made.

Legacy gifts

We welcome gifts in Wills, which pave the way for the future of dermatology and Australian skin health. Such gifts are of enormous benefit to the Institute's three pillars – treatment, education and research – ensuring we continue to reduce skin condition, cancer and melanoma rates, improve the lives of our patients and advance the field of dermatology.

All gifts, however great or small, create a lasting impact, helping us to build a better, healthier future.

Please let us if you would consider such a gift and would like more information by emailing legacy@skinhealthinstitute.org.au with the subject line More information.

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