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Skin Health Institute
2023 Patch Test Training Day

2023 Patch Test Training Day

11:00AM - 5:00PM Friday 17th February 2023
Angliss Conference Centre, Melbourne

The Annual Skin Health Institute Patch Test Training Day is being held in Melbourne on Friday 17 February 2023 at the Angliss Conference Centre.

We are encouraging all CABA users to attend one of these 2023 events, as it will help to help answer many of the common patch testing questions, keep you up to date with new changes to PatchCams and our ordering system and ensure you are aware of any new patch testing advice.

** This event may become an online event if attendance is low.


11.00-11.30am | It’s not just about reading patches! A/Prof Rosemary Nixon

11.30-12.00pm | Issues with implants, especially the less common ones: brain, cardiac, vaginal slings and breast implants- Dr Claire Higgins

12.00-12.10pm | Case- fig patient

12.10-12.20pm | Discussion


1.00-1.10pm | A new cosmetic allergen, ethylhexylglycerin- Dr Mei Tam

1.10-1.25pm | Confessions of a novice patch tester: how I started- Dr Lena Ly

1.25-1.35pm | Patch testing in the tropics – Dr Aaron Boyce

1.35-1.55pm | Contact dermatitis in the mining industry- A/Prof Rosemary Nixon

1.55-2.20pm | Allergens in oral lichen planus- Dr Sarajane Ting

2.20-2.30pm | Discussion

2.30-3.00pm | Afternoon tea

3.00-3.30pm | The most important allergens to know about: our own data- Dr Jen Cahill and Dr Jen Nguyen

3.30pm-3.50pm | ODREC update- expired allergens, testing with own samples, problematic products, rubber trial

3.50-4.10pm | CABA – optional Q&A/practical tips/ordering online for those new to CABA

4.10-4.30pm | Discussion and close


Nurses and Registrars