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Rash decisions – Diagnosing and managing atopic eczema in general practice

Rash decisions – Diagnosing and managing atopic eczema in general practice

7:00PM - 9:00PM Wednesday 21st July 2021
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Rash decisions – Diagnosing and managing atopic eczema in general practice

Eczema, carrying the heaviest global burden of all skin diseases, affects ~20%  of all Australian children. With a broad spectrum of clinical presentations, treatment must be nuanced to the individual needs of the patient and family.

Whilst mild disease can be managed through careful patient education, irritant avoidance and topical corticosteroids - more severe disease can result in sleep interruption, intractable itch and increased susceptibility to skin infections, which in turn can carry a heavy psychological burden for sufferers and their families.

There are a number of emerging therapies for severe eczema which are changing the landscape of management. GPs are well-placed to identify patients who may benefit from these.

This workshop will provide attendees with an in-depth overview of eczema including emerging therapies. Topics covered include:

  • Eczema aetiology
  • Common triggers
  • The role of food allergy
  • The role of itch and sleep interruption in assessing severity
  • Management encompassing:
  • Topical steroids
  • Immunomodulators
  • Emerging therapies

This event is part our 5-part series, providing an opportunity for GPs and GP registrars to upskill in the examination, diagnosis and management of inflammatory skin disorders.

The series of workshops on inflammatory skin disorders aims to provide participating GPs increased confidence in:

  1. Developing an outlined clinical approach to identifying common inflammatory skin conditions and their differential diagnosis
  2. Choosing appropriate investigations/biopsies useful for confirming disease
  3. Identifying potential errors in diagnosis and how to avoid these
  4. Formulating/outlining appropriate management plans

This GP Workshop is suitable for all GPs and GP registrars or trainees, whatever the level of experience. Developed and taught by experienced specialist dermatologist educators, these workshops are a perfect opportunity to skill up.

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a/prof David Orchard

A/Prof David Orchard completed FACD in Victoria in 1998. He then completed a Fellowship of Paediatric Dermatology in Denver, USA in 2000. David is currently the Head of the Dermatology Department at the Royal Children's Hospital, specialising in paediatric dermatology. Specific interests include eczema, allergy testing, vascular birthmarks, laser therapy and Genodermatoses.



Dr Anneliese Willems is a Melbourne-based general practitioner with a special interest in dermatology. She is passionate about enhancing education in skin disease and promoting interprofessional collaboration between treating practitioners. As a part of her enthusiasm for education, she has worked as a medical educator in both general practice training and undergraduate medical education over the past 5 years. She is looking forward to joining the Skin Health Institute as a research fellow in 2021.



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