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Walk Across the Neck of Scotland

In mid-June, a group of staff, friends and colleagues trekked 135 kms across the neck of Scotland to raise much-needed funds for our research and education programs.

“It was fantastic,” said Peter Monaghan, one of the walkers.  “It was a great group of people and everyone really clicked well.” (Peter is the Director of Corporate Affairs at the Institute.)

“We had all sorts of weather: rain, sunshine, cold, warm and more rain. Scotland really threw it at us.”

“But it was brilliant!  The views were spectacular, and it was so satisfying to cross that last mountain to see the sea on the east coast and realise you have walked across the country.”

Funds Raised

The fundraising campaign for Walk Across the Neck of Scotland so far has raised just under $32,000 for the Institute.

We plan to use these funds to upgrade the technology and equipment in our education suite where we deliver the professional development programs for dermatologists and the training of dermatology registrars on behalf of the College in Victoria. We also webcast many of these sessions to dermatologists and registrars across Australia (and now, New Zealand).

This will substantially improve the delivery of these professional medical education sessions which are held several times each week for the different groups of consultant dermatologists and trainees. In turn, this lifts the number of dermatologists in practice, and their professional skills in providing diagnosis and treatment for their patients.

We also use this education suite to conduct workshops to upskill GPs in the diagnosis and treatment of skin cancers, melanoma and inflammatory skin diseases. In the last few years we have had just under 500 GPs attend these training sessions, many of them from interstate.

All in all, the funds raised will generate considerable benefits to the improving the level of skin health services for patients right across Australia. It will have substantial impact.

Thank you to all the walkers for their great efforts in helping us achieve this goal. They are listed below. 

You can still sponsor them!

People can still sponsor the walk, with funds raised to be used to continue our ground-breaking research into skin cancer and melanoma. We also want to extend training to GPs across Australia, to improve their early detection, treatment and management of skin cancer.

The walkers


"I'm doing the walk to try and raise $7,000 for the Skin Health Institute's research into melanoma. They are undertaking some world-class research that is being recognised and published internationally, stepping closer to finding a cure. They receive no government funding."

Amount raised: $8,425.00


"I'm did the Walk Across Scotland with the aim of raising as much money as possible to help the fight against skin cancer, which has touched too many of us."

Amount raised: $5,345.00


"I'm did this walk to raise money for the Skin Health Institute's world-class research. My Scot's heritage means I'm not exactly predisposed to the Aussie summer so I'm walked the lochs to remind me of my roots. I also did this walk for my dear friend Amanda Cavill who was a life-long sufferer of psoriasis."

Amount raised: $2,738.00

Ben & Ian 

"We did this walk to raise money for this great cause, but also to help fulfil my father's much talked about desire to walk across Scotland, which dates back decades."

Amount raised: $4,000.00


"This walk is really the perfect storm for me - just had my first melanoma removed, I'm fair-skinned with Scottish heritage and have lived in Scotland for a couple of years. I did this walk to support the fabulous team at the Skin Health Institute to raise funds for their research and education work."

Amount raised: $3,550.00


"I wanted to do this walk because Australia holds the dubious honour of being the skin cancer capital of the world. The Skin Health Institute receives no government funding, yet carry out world-class research into this ubiquitous and iniquitous disease."

Amount raised: $1090.00

Fritha & Ian

"I could say I'm a typical lucky Australian baby boomer who used baby oil on my pale skin as a youngster, has friends who have died from melanoma, sisters with eczema, and who loves travel and dancing and helping others, so this was the perfect combo. My husband came too. He is not a dancer or a walker but solid as a rock and believes in science and research and saving lives."

Amount raised: $4,430.00

29 July 2019
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