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Bath time skin health tips for your baby

Does bath time cause your baby's skin conditions to flare up? Check out our bath time tips!


Bathing immersed in water is always preferred to sponge or no-immersion bathing. There is less heat loss, and less crying and distress.

  • Recommended water temperature: 38 – 40°C degrees Celsius.
  • Fill tub to baby’s shoulder, to allow immersion of everything except the head and neck.
  • Bathe for less than 5 minutes.
  • Pay special attention to skin folds and pat dry afterwards.
  • Don’t use a cloth or bath mitt (can be too rough for gentle skin).


Twice per week, or alternate daily.


  • Use mild, synthetic detergents with a neutral pH (that is, pH less than 5.5).
  • Fragrance free and dye free.
  • Apply an emollient or moisturiser twice daily at the first sign of dryness or flaking. (These replenish lipid levels, promote hydration, and maintain the acid mantle and skin microbiome. Routine use can prevent the development of eczema.)


Shampoo once or twice weekly with each bath, using the same pH neutral detergent or a specially formulated infant shampoo (fragrance free, pH neutral). 

Umbilical cord care

No special care is routinely required. Leave the clamp in place, bathe as normal and pat the area dry until the cord falls off spontaneously.

04 August 2020
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