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NEW PUBLICATION: Melanoma detection in a cohort of transplant patients

We are pleased to announce that A/Prof Alvin Chong and his team from the Transplant Clinic have had a paper published in the September issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology – a highly regarded publication.

The paper, ‘Melanoma in a cohort of Organ Transplant Recipients: Experience from a dedicated transplant dermatology clinic in Victoria, Australia’ demonstrated that the transplant recipients under the care of the Transplant Dermatology Clinic who then developed melanoma had a much better prognosis than expected. 

“This was probably due to the increased surveillance in our clinic, resulting in early removal of thinner melanomas,” said Alvin, Medical Director of Education, and head of the Transplant Clinic.

A/Prof Victoria Mar, Director of the Victorian Melanoma Service and board member at the Institute, passed on her congratulations to the team and stated "this paper shows the importance of close specialist surveillance in this high risk group of patients to improve outcomes."

The co-authors include Danit Maor (lead author), Victoria Snaidr and Harini Bala, who are all ex-Research and Education Fellows, Simon Cumming, our database manager and Sarah Brennand, Michelle Goh and Alvin, all Transplant Clinic consultants. The team has been working on this paper for the past three years, so it is very exciting to see that all of their hard work has paid off. 

26 August 2020
Category: News