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2018 Healthy Skin Awards

2018 Healthy Skin Awards

The 2018 Healthy Skin Awards were announced at a special awards night on Thursday, 10 May 2018. 

Now in its ninth year, the Healthy Skin Awards recognise individuals and organisations who support and encourage healthy skin practices in their workplace and the community.

The awards are an intrinsic part of the Skin Health Institute's public education program that raises the community’s awareness of the importance of skin health, and how individuals and organisations can make a big difference in their own communities, whether they be a sporting group, a community organisation, improving the wellbeing of their staff, or advocating on behalf of a special interest group.

There are some who are making quite a considerable difference, and these Awards recognise those individuals and organisations.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2018 Healthy Skin Awards!

Amanda Lucci
for excellence in the promotion of skin health in the community

Amanda has been a very active Melbourne volunteer for the Melanoma Institute of Australia after losing her father to stage IV metastatic melanoma. Amanda and her family endured a very challenging journey during her Dad’s illness.  Her father only survived 5½ months with the disease.  Despite the grief of losing her dad, Amanda has made an extraordinary contribution in raising funds for melanoma research and treatment, and educating the community about the dangers of skin cancer and melanoma. She has been actively involved in the annual Melanoma March Melbourne, which over the last three years has raised some $300,000 in Melbourne, contributing to the $1.1 million raised for the “Big Data for Melanoma” project.

Surf Coast Shire Council
for excellence in the promotion of skin health in the workplace

With many of their employees working outdoors in parks and gardens, city works, and child care centres, the judges were impressed with the range of strategies that the Council had developed and implemented to protect the skin health of their workers. The Council supports employee skin health by compliance to their ‘Extreme Heat’ and ‘Long Long’ policies, which are supported by various initiatives including the provision of personal protective clothing and staff skin checks. The Council also provides education and reminders of the importance of skin health through various communication channels including their intranet and newsletters.

Dogs Victoria
for excellence in the promotion of skin health in the community.

It wasn’t the very cute photos of dogs that attracted the judges’ attention to this nomination, but rather the initiative and hard work from the volunteers at Dogs Victoria in educating their community about the importance of sun protection. Dogs Victoria represent over 10,000 owners and breeders of purebred dogs.  Showing their pure-bred canines is something they are passionate about, but it means spending hours standing outside exposed to harmful UV rays. Dogs Victoria invited the Skin Health Institute to their autumn exhibition to help promote the importance of sun protection to their members and they remain committed to further educating their members and make sunscreen available at the dog shows.

Moira Shire Council
for excellence in the promotion of skin health in the workplace.

Moira Shire won this Healthy Skin Award for their demonstrated commitment to the wellbeing of their employees, through their skin check program and working outdoors procedures. Moira Shire began offering skin checks in 2003.  During this first round of appointments a road construction worker was referred for a mole on his calf.  Sadly, within five months their colleague passed away. Since then, Moira Shire have vigorously continued their annual skin checks and expand their health and wellbeing programs. Skin checks are one such benefit which has proved to be very successful, with 38 lesions removed and 19 referrals recommended over the past five years alone.

Sale Tennis Club
for excellence in the promotion of skin health in the community

The Sale Tennis Club recognises that tennis players and spectators can be outdoors for a long period of time and it is vital to protect their members and community from harmful UV rays. With 700 members, including 100 junior members, the Club’s focus has been education and awareness, particularly targeted at their younger players to create lifelong healthy skin practices. In 2017, the club hosted the ‘Sun Awareness Round’ which was supported by the Skin Health Institute, the Cancer Council and local MP, Danny O’Brien. 240 children in the Wellington Gippsland Tennis Association received a free “show bag” of sun care products and extensive educational material on preventing skin cancer and melanoma. The judges were impressed with the Sale Tennis Club’s clear recognition that they had a broader community responsibility beyond just promoting tennis.  Their willingness to promote the skin health message beyond just their immediate membership base is to be applauded. 

Awards Night

The 2018 Healthy Skin Awards night was held in The Melbourne Gallery, at the Melbourne Museum on Thursday, 10 May. 

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