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Acknowledgements & Awards


Remaining a centre of excellence in dermatology is challenging, and the sharing of learning, training and skills is an essential element of this success.  Our collaboration and shared learning activities would not be possible without the substantial coordinating efforts of the Victorian Faculty and our Institute consultants, particularly Drs Hugh Grant, Director of Training at the Victorian Faculty, Michelle Goh, Laura Scardamaglia, Olivia Milne and our Director of Education, Associate Professor Alvin Chong.

Naturally, we also need to acknowledge every one of the consultants who made presentations at all these education sessions. They could not have happened without you.

CEO Caroline Mulcahy and President Rosemary Nixon

Previous award recipient Associate Professor John Kelly during his speech at the award night


The 2021 Members’ Special Recognition Event allowed us not only to acknowledge excellence but also pay tribute to members who have demonstrated extraordinary service to the Skin Health Institute and the practice of dermatology as a whole. 

The presentation of the Skin Health Institute Awards for Excellence to Associate Professor Alvin Chong, Dr Rod O'Keefe and Associate Professor Peter Foley (in absentia) were accompanied by wonderful speeches from our President, Associate Professor Ro Nixon, and previous award recipient, Associate Professor John Kelly.

All members of the Skin Health Institute would like to congratulate the recipients for their outstanding achievements!

Paul eddington scholarship

Named after the famous British TV series actor, this scholarship was established by the Institute to celebrate the memory of Paul Eddington (The Good Life, Yes, Minister). His rare skin condition, cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, was diagnosed and treated at the Institute and, as a result of our role in his management, he became a strong supporter of the Institute.

The Paul Eddington Scholarship bestows a grant to support newly qualified dermatologists obtain skills and experiences overseas that will enable them to benefit patients of the Institue. Congratulations to Dr Marguerite Seith for being awarded the 2017 Paul Eddington Scholarship. The scholarship will enable Dr Seith to further her experience in nail diseases and develop her skills in basic and more advanced nail surgery. Dr Seith will work overseas in 2018 and learn from learn from world experts throughout the UK, Switzerland and Belgium.  

She will also participate in an advanced nail surgery course for specialists and attend conferences. On return to Melbourne, Dr Seith will share her knowledge and skills with registrars and they will also directly benefit patients.

Award recipient Dr Adriene Lee and President Rosermary Nixon


This annual prize is presented by the Skin Health Institute in memory of Dr John Fewings, a much loved contact dermatitis specialist who sadly died in 2002.

Congratulations to Dr Adriene Lee who was awarded the John Fewings Memorial Fund for the best presentation on contact dermatitis at the Annual Scientific Meeting 2019.