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Skin Health Institute


We have a number of Research Fellow positions open. 

Applicants should send their CV to A/Prof Rosemary Nixon AM by midnight, Friday 20 August.

Interviews will be held from 5pm on Monday 6 September.

Trials Resident (full time)

This is our only full-time position. The successful applicant is based in the Trials Department and is involved with the day-to-day running of clinical trials. This position involves:

  • assessing patients’ suitability for trials
  • clinical consultations
  • assessing response to treatment 
  • and dealing with side effects or complications of therapy. 

The position is supervised by A/Prof Peter Foley. It may involve participating in (paid) overseas investigator meetings with pharmaceutical companies. In past years, those selected for this role have also been thought to have a good chance of obtaining a dermatology job. In recent years, most incumbents have been successful in subsequently attaining a registrar position. The salary is commensurate with an HMO wage.

Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre Research Fellow position (part-time)


The Occupational Dermatology Research and Education Centre (ODREC) was established in 2001 at the Skin Health Institute; our interest lies in occupational contact dermatitis. A/Professor Rosemary Nixon AM, Director of ODREC, has mentored a number of research fellows, starting in 2000 at Monash Medical Centre. 

The successful applicant will attend the Occupational Dermatology Clinic, a patch testing clinic held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings of the same week. The clinic is held approximately monthly and is usually staffed by A/Prof Nixon and/or dermatologists Dr Jenny Cahill and/or Dr Adriene Lee. Research fellows will be involved in following up details of exposures from workplaces, particularly tracking down material safety data sheets and obtaining information from workplaces. When no clinics are being held, research fellows participate in research projects. Our web-based database Patchcams has all our clinic data from 1993 and is very useful for research projects.

This position would be of interest to those who like medical, rather than surgical, dermatology.  

Transplant Clinic Research Fellow (part-time)

Ideally Monday/Wednesdays/Fridays (must include Wednesdays)

The Transplant Clinic Research Fellow works closely with A/Prof Alvin Chong, whose area of interest is skin cancers in immunosuppressed transplant patients. He is also very interested in dermatology education and has established a very successful and innovative podcast, Spot Diagnosis. The Transplant team runs a clinic on Wednesday mornings and also has a database, facilitating publications. Other responsibilities of this position include assisting with GP workshops and contributing to a Skin Education Library by creating videos of surgical techniques, etc. There is also the opportunity of publishing with A/Prof Chong and with some of the other dermatologists at the SHI, including the ODREC team and A/Professor Peter Foley.

Other dermatology projects

There is the potential to assist with other research projects: these may or may not be funded. It may be possible to attend the Institute for one half-day a week to work in a particular clinic or with a dermatologist at the Institute. More information will be available about these projects by the time of the interviews.

Selection for other jobs

Over the years we have developed an organised selection process, and are often asked to select candidates for positions at other hospitals. Please note that we don’t select for positions at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victorian Melanoma Service or Sinclair Dermatology. At this stage, we expect to be selecting the Royal Women's Hospital Vulval Clinic Research Fellow for 2022.