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The Nail Clinic is a specialised clinic established to manage patients with various conditions relating specifically to the nails. Patients are referred to the Skin Health Institute by other specialists. The clinic is held fortnightly.

Some of the conditions associated with nail problems treated in the Nail Clinic include:

  • Psoriasis
  • Onychogryphosis
  • Onychopapilloma
  • Infective nail problems
  • Nail problems from medications
  • Tumours
  • Inherited disorders

Treatments for these conditions vary, however can include medication, iontophoresis and surgery.

Nail surgery

Nail surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic. During surgery part or the whole nail may be removed and a specimen of the nail bed may be taken and sent to pathology for analysis.

This treatment can impact your daily lifestyle for 1-3 weeks, while healing takes place. Nail surgery is discussed during your initial consultation.


Dr Anne Howard
Dr Marguerite Seith
Dr Shyamalar Gunatheesan
Dr Hope Dinh

Nail Surgery Clinic

Associate Professor Johannes Kern

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