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Skin Health Institute

Oral Mucosal Clinic

The Oral Mucosal Clinic is a specialised clinic set up to manage patients with skin conditions relating specifically to the mouth. Patients are referred to the Skin Health Institute from other specialists. The clinic is held twice each month.

Oral Mucosal patients have unique dermatological needs that may include:

  • pre-cancerous lesions
  • benign and malignant tumors
  • Infective Oral Problems
  • Inflammatory Oral Disorders
  • Oral Mucosal Problems from medications
  • traumatic lesions.

This clinic is conducted jointly by a Dermatologist and a Dental Specialist in Oral Medicine.


Dr Tami Yap

Dr Eric Poon

Dr Ashling McNally

Dr Julia Rhodes

Dr Lara DeAngelis

Dr Ryan De Cruz

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