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Skin Health Institute

Phototherapy clinic

The Skin Health Institute provides an extensive phototherapy service, with 2 narrowband UVB units, UVA and UVB hand and foot machines available.

Phototherapy is a prescribed treatment, provided by trained dermatology nurses, and patients are reviewed at our clinics every three months. Patients presenting with psoriasis are the majority of those managed in this clinic.

This treatment is not a cure but can effectively control or improve the disease to the extent that clearance may be maintained with topical medications at home or no active treatment is needed at all. Other conditions to benefit from phototherapy include morphea, prurigo, vitiligo and mycosis fungoides.

Treatment appointments are provided on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with evening appointments available on Monday and Wednesday.


A/Professor Peter Foley
Dr Philip Lane
Dr Kamaldeep Sandhu
Dr Katherine Armour
Dr Shoba Joseph

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