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Corporate skin checks

The Skin Health Institute undertakes corporate skin check programs for a wide range of companies and organisations. 

Our program provides for skin checks to be completed by specialist dermatologists, usually at your offices (to minimise disruption and to maximise efficiency).  Timing is negotiable to suit.

With my skin type, I'm particularly glad this opportunity was given to us. Thank you!"

Corporate skin check patient

November 2016


A referral from a GP is not required. The skin check will not be a cursory check just for skin cancers, but rather a thorough and comprehensive examination of the skin by a specialist dermatologist who will also advise on any skin conditions that the staff member may have. 

Specialist was very efficient and knowledgeable, examined everything that was a concern and set my mind at ease."

Corporate skin check patient

May 2019

Once the specialist has completed the screening, our specialist will discuss findings with the staff member.  If further treatment is required, the staff member will be given a referral, which they may take to see their own doctor.

If suspicious skin lesions are found, requiring urgent treatment, it is possible to fast-track patients into the Skin Health Institute‚Äôs surgical clinics. 

Our specialist dermatologists will also discuss with the individual their skin care and management of any minor issues. The total time for each screen will vary but is usually 10 minutes.

Patient confidentiality is strictly maintained. We do not provide the employer with any information about the results of the skin check of any individual. However we do provide the employer with a summary statistical report afterwards. 

I found the specialist to be very knowledgeable, passionate about their role and friendly to speak with."

Corporate skin check patient

May 2019

Our point of difference is that the skin check is conducted by a specialist dermatologist, not by a nurse or a GP.  We will not be taking photos of suspicious lesions and sending them off to a dermatologist for review, or taking a biopsy and sending it off to a pathologist. Our specialists are the experts in making these diagnoses. 

Your personnel will receive exceptional professional service, on the spot. And the focus will not just be on skin cancer, but will also address any other skin problem that the staff member may have.

Having a doctor come to work made it so easy."

Corporate skin check patient

March 2018

Please call our Corporate Affairs office (tel: 03 9623 9400) to discuss this service for your organisation.

I hope we keep rolling out the skin checks on an annual basis."

Corporate skin check patient

October 2017