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Skin Health Institute


You can easily organise a sports day, host an office lunch or create a charity challenge, to raise funds to support us.

Every dollar raised will go directly to supporting our research team and educating doctors about treating skin conditions. 

You can create your own fundraising page on our website simply and quickly. It’s easy and satisfying - something your family and friends can enjoy.

Create a fundraising page

Tips and tricks:

  1. Come up with an event, name it and set a date.
  2. You can fundraise as an individual, a team or join a team.
  3. Create your fundraising page.
  4. Upload a photo - this will make your event stand out. (Images need to be at least 300 x 300 pixels)
  5. Set a fundraising target that everyone can see and help you reach.
  6. Importantly: Promote your fundraising page to family and friends on social media. Send them all the URL of your fundraising page.

Got any questions? Just email at [email protected], or call us on (03) 9623 9400.

Share your story

Have photos? Send them in. We'd love to use them! Or send us your story and we may use it on our website. Just email us. Thanks!