Dialog Box

Skin Health Institute

Consumer Focus Group

Partnering with our consumers is about listening to and using consumer feedback in a systematic way to deliver better health care. 

The purpose of our Consumer Focus Group is to involve patients/consumers and/or carers in the review of the quality of clinical services and safety measures around treatment delivered at the Skin Health Institute. 

The Consumer Focus Group provides advice and recommendations to the Skin health Institute on matters relating to the planning and delivery of clinical services, quality and safety of treatments, patient information, and publications for patients.

This group will also consider and review the organisational safety and quality performance, the planning and implementation of quality improvements, and participate in the evaluation of patient feedback data. This is to ensure the Institute is complying with the National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards (NSQHS).

We take this Group's views seriously. The Consumer Focus Group meeting outcomes will be provided to the Institute’s Management Committee, Credentialing and Quality Committee and the Board for their consideration.

Download Consumer Focus Group Guidelines