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Skin Health Institute

Day Surgery

Prior to your day surgery at the Skin Health Institute, one of our staff will contact you to confirm arrangements and discuss with you what you need to do beforehand, how you will be getting home after discharge, what plans you will need to make for recovery afterwards, and make follow-up appointments.

Preparation for Surgery

The best preparation for Mohs surgery is a good night's rest followed by a substantial breakfast.

  • Wash your hair the night before, or morning of, your surgery.
  • Do not wear make-up on your surgery day.
  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. For safety reasons, please do not wear slippers or high-heels.
  • Do not stop taking any of your medication unless instructed by your surgeon. Discontinue vitamin and mineral therapy for at least a week before the surgery.
  • It is most important that you do not go home alone. Please arrange for a relative or friend to come with you in a car or taxi. You must not go home on public transport or drive following your surgery.

On the Day

When you get to the Skin Health Institute you will be asked to confirm your details. You will then be shown to the waiting area, and shown where the amenities are.

Patients at the day clinic for Mohs' surgery, and their carers, have a special waiting area.

  • Comfortable patient recliner chairs are provided so that you can relax during the various stages of the procedure.
  • Magazines and a television are also provided. Bring a book, if you like.
  • Light refreshments are available, but the Institute does not supply meals to patients. You may wish to bring food with you or, alternatively, there is a café on the ground floor.
  • We encourage you to leave anything of value, such as jewellery, at home. The Institute cannot accept responsibility for loss of valuables or money.

Mobile Phones

Using a mobile phone might interfere with medical equipment. Ask one of the nursing or medical staff if you need to make a call.


Please bring with you any medications you need to take during your stay.

If you are a diabetic requiring regular blood glucose levels recorded please bring in your own monitor to ensure currency of readings throughout the procedure.

Smoke-free Environment

Please note that the Institute is a smoke free environment.

Contact Us

If you have any concerns about your surgery, please contact the nursing staff at the Institute on (03) 9623 9400.