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Patient Referrals

Patient Referrals


If you have a referral from a GP, please email it through to [email protected]. We will then be in touch with you to arrange an appointment.

for dermatoligists and general practitioners

Doctors can complete our online Referral Form. Our staff will contact your patient shortly afterwards to arrange an appointment.

General Practitioners can refer patients to the Institute for early consultation. The Institute has a number of dermatologists working in private clinics, and we can organise an early consultation for your patients.

Alternatively, you can email referrals through to [email protected]

Patients presenting with a biopsy-proven skin cancer, or a lesion highly suspicious of skin cancer, will be seen by our Skin Cancer Assessment Clinic very quickly.

GPs can refer patients who have undergone a transplant and are presenting with biopsy proven skin cancer, or lesions highly suspicious of skin cancer. These people can be referred to our Transplant Clinic, and they will also be seen very quickly.

Referrals to our Melanoma Clinic are also accepted from GPs who have patients that have undergone treatment for malignant melanoma and require ongoing surveillance.

Appointments cannot be made prior to receipt of the referral. All patients are triaged on the basis of information provided in their referral, and will be contacted to make an appointment shortly after its receipt.

Surgical referrals

Dermatologists and plastic surgeons can refer patients for Advanced or Mohs' Micrographic Surgery. The referral is to include the past pathology reports relating to the site and photographs of the area to be treated.

We are an accredited and registered day surgery facility, catering for both private and public patients. Any out-of-pocket expenses will be discussed with patients/family members, prior to treatment.

Medical Photography referrals

Specialised professional photography for full body mole surveillance, scalp photography or localised imaging of specific conditions.

To refer a patient for medical photography, simply print and complete either our Mole Photography Request Form or Scalp Photography Request Form. Please give this completed request to the patient so they can organise a time that suits them with our photography department.

This form includes information about costs, and the location of the Institute, so it is encouraged that it is provided to the patient.

Vitiligo Clinic referrals

This is a sub-specialty, tertiary referral clinic. Only dermatologists can refer a patient to the Institute's Vitiligo Clinic. They can complete this referral form and fax it to 03 9639 3575.

GPs will need to refer their patients to a dermatologist first. (There are dermatologists in private practice at the Skin Health Institute.)

Patients for consideration on clinical trials and research studies

Information about the clinical trials being conducted at the Skin Health Institute is available here.

If you have a patient you are referring to the Skin Health Institute for consideration in a clinical trial, please tick that box on our Online Patient Referral Form below.

For more information about participating in research studies at the Skin Health Institute, click here.

Patients ineligible for Medicare

Please contact us on (03) 9623 9400 to discuss referrals for patients without a Medicare card and/or patients visiting from overseas.


The Skin Health Institute conducts a Corporate Skin Check program for organisations. More information on this program can be viewed by clicking here.

For all other enquiries related to the Institute, or how to support the Institute, please contact us at [email protected]

Patient Referral Form


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