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Skin Health Institute

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The Skin Health Institute is Australia's leading centre of excellence in skin health and the home of dermatology in Victoria. In all that we do, our values are:

Innovation, Excellence, and Compassion. 

At the Skin Health Institute, our main concern is that each patient is treated with dignity, respect and compassion.

We recognise that all patients have basic rights, and we are committed to honouring these rights. Similarly, The Institute and its staff have a right to expect reasonable and responsible behaviour from patients, their relatives, carers and friends.

Patient Rights

The following is a summary of rights and responsibilities that we believe underpins the great relationship between our patients and our staff. A full copy of this policy is available on our website.


You have the right to access high quality health care that meets your health needs.


You have the right to high quality and safe health services, provided with professional care, skill, compassion and competence.


You have the right to be shown respect and to be treated with dignity, without discrimination.


You have the right to open, effective two-way communication between yourself and your healthcare provider(s). You shall be informed of services, treatment options and costs in a clear and open manner.


You have the right to take an active role in your health care and to be included in decisions and choices about your care.


You have the right to privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. You have a right to access your information. We are required to seek your consent should your information be required for any other purpose than the provision of your health care.


You have the right to ask questions, seek explanations, and make comments and complaints about your health care.

Respect and Consideration 

You are responsible for being considerate of the rights of other patients and clinic staff. This includes not smoking and controlling noise and visitors. You are responsible for being respectful of the property of others and of the clinic. You understand that any abusive or disrespectful behaviour could result in your discharge from the Skin Health Institute.

Providing Information 

As a patient, you are an integral part of the healthcare team. Therefore, you are responsible for participating in your care and healthcare decisions; providing accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalisations, medications, allergies, and other matters relating to your health; reporting changes in your condition and communicating whether you understand your healthcare plan.


You are responsible for following the treatment plan recommended by the practitioner primarily responsible for your care. This may include following the instructions of nurses and allied-health staff as they carry out your plan of care, implement the responsible practitioner's orders and enforce applicable clinic rules and regulations. You are also responsible for keeping appointments and for notifying the Skin Health Institute when you are unable to do so. To cancel or reschedule an appointment, call (03) 9623 9400.

Refusing Treatment 

You are responsible for your actions if you refuse treatment or do not follow your practitioner's instructions.


You play a vital role in making your care safe by becoming an active, involved and informed member of your healthcare team.

Rules and Regulations 

You are responsible for following rules and regulations that apply to patients at the Skin Health Institute.

Personal Property 

You are responsible for the safe-keeping of any of your personal items. The Skin Health Institute is not responsible for cash, valuables, and personal items you bring to the clinic. This includes eyeglasses, hearing aids, dentures, canes, prostheses, wheelchairs and other easily-misplaced items.

Patient Feedback and Complaints

If you have a concern about any aspect of your care at the Skin Health Institute, you are urged to let us know so we can resolve it promptly. This reporting will in no way negatively impact your care, now or in the future.

We consider your comments as an opportunity to help us improve our care and service. You can speak directly with staff or record your comment on our feedback forms. If you are unsatisfied with how your doctor or treatment team is responding to your concerns, you have the right to speak with the Clinical Operations Manager or Medical Director.

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Australian Charter of Healthcare Rights in Victoria

Officer of the Health Services Commissioner

Health Services Liaison Association

Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care