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Skin Health Institute

General Clinics & Services

Hair Clinic

Patients are referred from dermatologists for various hair relation conditions.

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Liaison Clinic

A consultation service for psychocutaneous disorders.

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Men's Health Clinic

Specialist management in a clinical setting specifically for men with skin problems in the genital area.

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Nail Clinic

This clinic provides specialist management of a variety of nail conditions.

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Oral Mucosal Clinic

A specialised clinic set up to manage patients with skin conditions relating specifically to the mouth.

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Podiatrist Joseph Frenkel is a highly qualified health professional able to treat a broad scope of foot and wound issues.

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Adults and children who suffer socially and psychologically from appearance altering conditions can now benefit from new services.

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Specialist Skin Assessment Clinic

This clinic is conducted by a dermatologist, providing a full skin assessment.

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Medical Photography Services

Medical Photography provides clinical imaging and support to our research, educational and clinical services.

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Skin Checks

Corporate Skin Checks

Our program provides for skin checks to be completed by specialist dermatologists, usually at the company's offices.

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Skin Checks by Dermatologists

Our program allows anyone to book in for a skin check by a qualified dermatologist without the need for a referral.

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