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Testimonials from GPs attending our recent GP Workshops

Dermoscopy Workshop, August 2021

  • A really good and informative presentation. Enjoyed every minute. The 5 hours flew by. - Dr K.W.
  • Such a great program. Speakers were excellent and engaging. I learnt so much. Thankyou. Dr S.E.
  • Thank you so much...the best zoom meeting I have attended. Dr S.J.
  • Course was well conducted. Thank you to the speakers and organisers. Quizzes and interactive session was interesting. - Dr E.T.
  • Informative, good case studies. - Dr S.G.
  • Great session . Loved it . Very informative . All relevant . Well explained . No boring bits . - Dr A.G.
  • Excellent workshop - I enjoyed it a lot. It brings to life what we read inside dermoscopy textbooks with a clinical focus, and helps put things into context. There were also great tips along the way which I will remember (furrows fine, ridges bad; glomerular vessels = bowens; new moles after 40+ yo age) and which will help me feel more confident in my diagnosis. Thank you very much! - Dr M.Y.
  • Excellent course. Well run, kept a good pace and had enough repetition and examples to allow for applied learning throughout. Thank you! : ) - Dr E.M.
  • I really enjoyed this session. the hosts were enthusiastic and wanted to share the information without bias of profession. the slides were very detailed and picture orientated which helped so much in linking theory to practice. The terminology used was excellent throughout the presentation and didn't always remain clinical to assist in understanding. The repetitive nature of the images to demonstrate different views of the same disease was great appreciated by novice such as myself in this area. For a long session really enagaing (despite my 9 month old needing attention periodically). Many thanks to the team for giving up the time. it was worth it. - Dr J.N.
  • Really fantastic session. Thank you. Great mix of teaching and interaction. Great approaches and images. Excellent presenters. - Dr B.C.

Inflammatory Skin Diseases Workshop Series, 2021

  • Excellent session, thank you! - Dr D.M.
  •  I found this talk very relevant and interesting. Prof Orchard's talk was very informative about atopic dermatitis and Dr Robinson describing the different biologics was really comprehensive. Thank you so much.  - Dr M.Y.
  • I found it very engaging. - Dr  H.G.
  • This webinar provided an excellent overview of the diagnosis and management of acne and rosacea. Both speakers delivered their talks in an interesting and informative manner. Very grateful for the invitation to attend. - Dr L.G.
  • Presenters where excellent. Dr C.B.
  •   Excellent presentation, very engaging. Thank you so much!! Loved the relaxed style of Dr. Robinson. - Dr A.V.

Dermoscopy Workshop, 1 Aug 2020

  • I gained a great deal from this workshop - revising previous knowledge and gaining new knowledge. It provided an excellent refresher about how to structure lesion assessment using dermoscopy and challenging cases to practice. Thank you for an excellent workshop! - Dr P.S.
  • This workshop far exceeded my expectations. Lasting more than four hours, I did not lose interest. I feel more confident and enthusiastic about learning more. Thank you so much. - Dr S.R.
  • It was an enjoyable, engaging and informative course with solid skills and techniques which can be used for safe and effective skin cancer medicine - Dr C.L.
  • Great workshop with excellent speakers with a world of knowledge! - Dr A.F.
  • I am absolutely delighted to have attended this workshop. It was highly informative; relevant and interactive. I highly recommend it for those who want to upskill dermoscopy in their everyday practice - Dr S.C.
  • I think it was fantastic; informative and interactive at the same time. Perfect !!!  - Dr A.F.