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Spot Diagnosis is a podcast series that examines the skin complaints which are commonly encountered by general practitioners. It is tailored specifically for medical students, and GPs, but should also be useful for nurses and pharmacists.

The series provides evidence-based, up-to-date medical education & information aimed at upskilling medical practitioners in treating skin complaints, in order to improve the skin health of our communities.

One in six initial presentations to general practitioners are about skin problems (1), yet dermatology teaching in medical schools is limited and variable (2).  Spot Diagnosis aims to help address these issues for medical practitioners. 

Series 1 of Spot Diagnosis has been recorded by Associate Professor Alvin Chong and Dr Tom Kovitwanichkanont, speaking with leading dermatologists who have sub-specialty expertise in those skin conditions being addressed. Each episode is supported by other information and education resources for you to access on our website.

We hope you find these podcasts useful and educational.   Please rate and review them.  Your feedback will help us develop further resources for you, so will certainly be appreciated.

Series One
S1:E1 - The Skin Eaters (Tinea)

"Superficial fungal infection, or tinea, is really common. In fact, it is one of the most common forms of infection, affecting up to 25% of humans," says Associate Professor Alvin Chong. In this episode, Associate Professor Alvin Chong and Dr Tom Kovitwanichkanont discuss one of the most common skin problems: fungal infections of the skin, hair and nails known as tinea.  Tinea has a variety of clinical manifestations and affects all age groups, ranging from tinea pedis in adults to tinea capitis in pre-pubertal children.

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