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Spot Diagnosis S1.E6: Acne


S1.E6: acne

We study acne in this episode - a common skin problem that affects almost everyone at some time during their life. Acne is a skin condition that has a number of causes, with a number of factors leading to it. It's extremely common especially in adolescents and young adults. Eight out of ten Australians will develop acne during their life with about 5% experiencing severe acne.

This episode explores 

  • what causes acne, 
  • how to recognise the different types of acne, and 
  • discusses the treatment options now available.

Associate Professor Alvin Chong & Dr Tom Kovi examine acne with a senior consultant dermatologist, Dr Belinda Welsh, who has a sub-specialty interest in acne, . Dr Welsh has over 20 years of experience as a practicing dermatologist with a special interest in acne, laser therapy and managing acne scar.


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