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If you’ve ever been sunburnt, you’ve experienced a UV radiation burn. Unfortunately, there is no direct correlation between UV levels and temperature. Instead, it’s better to remember two key facts: 1. Australia has some of the highest UV levels in the world. 2. If UV levels are above 3 and you are outside, you will need additional skin protection.

The Skin Health Institute is urging people to thinkUV when they go outside this spring and summer – particularly in a state like Victoria. Under lockdown, people have fallen out of skin protection routines, but Victoria is a state where sunburn can occur in just 11 minutes.

2 in 3 Australians will have at least one skin cancer by the time they reach age 70. thinkUV aims to reduce these rates by asking people to incorporate a couple of additional steps before they go outdoors: check the UV rating, apply adequate amounts of sunscreen and wear protective clothing.

Make it a habit to check the UV levels each day, via the resources linked below. 


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