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World Psoriasis Day - Brian's Story

World Psoriasis Day - Brian's Story

Brian with Clinical Trials Sub-investigator Charlie Wang

I am currently 54 years old and my psoriasis started when I was 25. I was a musician when psoriasis started on my elbows and knees. It took quite some time for me to get diagnosed with psoriasis – approximately 6 months – since the first doctors didn’t really know what they were dealing with.

I changed the way that I dress, and it took away a lot of my confidence. It was very difficult to psychologically come to terms with it, being unable to swim with my friends, and I felt embarrassed to reveal my body in public places. I always used to keep my legs in long pants and wore long sleeves, and would often wear a hat to disguise the psoriasis on my scalp. It was definitely something that made me feel very insecure. Nowadays, I have overcome about 75% of this insecurity.

I was a member of some support groups for psoriasis on Facebook (Psoriasis Australia), thanks to which I have found the information about the trials in Melbourne. I found out about the clinical trials via Facebook. I called the number that was provided on the article that I read and was immediately invited to come in for a test.

I felt that the staff is very professional and courteous, but also human. I feel very relaxed with them and am able to smile, joke and talk about life. I feel well-cared for and that I have a good relationship with my doctors and nurses.

I feel that I receive the care that would normally and only be afforded to royalty. They update me on my own health every time I see them. I do not feel embarrassed to ask any questions – instead totally comfortable and safe.

My psoriasis has largely cleared up throughout my entire body. That itself is giving me a new lease on life. In fact, it encouraged me to quit smoking and to start walking. And thanks to that I lost about 20 kgs. So, seeing my skin improve gave me a whole new lease on life and made me take my own health seriously. It literally turned my life around and it’s just the best outcome I could have wished for. They have also extended my trials period to 3 years for which I am eternally grateful.

I feel that every aspect of my life, and the relationships that I have in my life (my children, my wife and friends), have greatly benefited from this treatment. However, my choice of diet, my outlook on life, my positivity, my obsession with cycling – these are all the things that have come directly from the participation in this trial.