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Spot Diagnosis S2.E8: Hypopigmentation


S2.E8: Hypopigmentation

Skin pigmentation disorders can have a profound impact on the mental wellbeing of those affected. Not all white patches of skin are vitiligo! Tune in as Dr. Blake Mumford and Dr. Aaron Robinson discuss disorders of hypopigmentation and depigmentation with Dr. Michelle Rodrigues. Learn about how fungal infections can cause hypopigmentation and exciting new treatments for vitiligo.

Dr Michelle Rodrigues is a dermatologist with globally renowned expertise in pigmentary disorders and skin of colour. She is the founder and director of Chroma Dermatology, Australia’s first and only dedicated centre for pigmentary disorders and people with skin of colour. She holds a senior lecturer position at the University of Melbourne, is the co-founder of the Skin Health Institute's vitiligo clinic and is a senior consultant at the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne.
Dr. Rodrigues has authored numerous scientific publications and textbook chapters and lectures locally and internationally. She is also involved in scientific clinical research in her areas of expertise and works with established not-for-profit organisations to provide dermatology outreach services abroad.

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