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S2.E10: Viral Warts

S2.E10: Viral Warts

S2.E10: viral warts

Viral warts! Probably not a podcast topic suitable for consumption on the train commute but an important and common problem nonetheless. Join Dr. Blake Mumford and Dr. Aaron Robinson as they quiz Dr. Mark Darling on all issues related to the humble wart, including those located on the genitals. We’ll cover their dark history, the different types of warts, and the armaments available for treatment as well as many other warty issues.

Dr Mark Darling is a consultant clinical dermatologist at the Skin Health Institute. He has a special interest in men's health, sexual health, skin cancer and surgery. Mark also has public appointments at Melbourne Sexual Health Clinic and Peter MacCallum Hospital. Mark has over 10 years of experience in managing complex genital dermatoses in addition to a broad range of inflammatory dermatoses and skin cancers.

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