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Patient Referrals Update


If you have a referral from a GP, please email it through to [email protected]. We will then be in touch with you to arrange an appointment.

for general practitioners

General Practitioners are encouraged to refer patients to the following clinics by completing our online Referral Form or emailing referrals through to [email protected]. Our staff will contact your patient shortly afterwards to arrange an appointment.

Referrals are accepted from metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria.

General Dermatology 

New Clinic in the works.

Watch this space.

Private General Dermatology

All general skin conditions accepted. This is a gateway clinic to tertiary referral clinics.*

Fees as of 13th May 2021 available here.

Atopic Dermatitis Clinic

Fees as of 13th May 2021 available here.

For referrals when there is a particular skin lesion of concern for assessment.

Fees as of 13th May 2021 available here.

Ideal for patients for whom initial treatment measures such as topical 20% aluminium chloride have not been effective. 

Services linked to this clinic include iontophoresis and Botox.

Fees as of 13th May 2021 available here.

Ideal for patients who are poor candidates for surgical removal of skin cancers where radiotherapy may be an option. 

Referrals are also invited for patients with diagnosed DSAP (Disseminated Superficial Actinic Porokeratoses) for whom Grenz ray therapy may be considered. 

Fees as of 13th May 2021 available here.

Ideal for patients with contact dermatitis resulting from their workplace for further investigation (including contact dermatitis in hairdressers, health professionals, tradespeople etc).

Contact the clinic directly for fee enquiries.

*There are a number of highly specialised tertiary referral clinics available which can be accessed via internal referral

Tertiary clinics include:

For questions regarding referrals or referral process please contact us


Photos (both macroscopic and dermatoscopic images) are encouraged, but not essential, to accompany General Practitioner referrals. All images shared with SHI must have documented patient consent prior.

Please refer to the following image sharing policy prior to sharing images.

Patient Referral Form


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